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Forestry Plan 2011

Written comments received by January 31, 2012
To Glen Dick by Fax : 250-542-8737
Forestry Plan Main Report with all Appendices 88 pages, 1.1MB
Forestry Plan Main Report
Appendix I IFPA Enabling Legislation
Appendix II Minister's Letter of July 2006
Appendix III MFLNRO Region Executive Director Letter September 2011
Appendix IV IFPA Operating Area Map
Appendix V Okanagan Organizational Structure
Appendix VI IFPA Uplift Analysis and Uplift Request
Appendix VII OIFS Communication Processes
Appendix VIII Public Review Process
Appendix IX Public Review Comments and Considerations
Appendix X Annual Workplan & 5 Year Plan with Project Descriptions
Appendix XI Monitoring Plan
Appendix XII Inventory Gaps Identified in TSR4 by the Chief Forester
Appendix XIII Inventory Information Gathering Methodology
The  Forestry Plan 2011  is available for viewing during business hours  8:30 - 4:00  at any of the Society members business offices located at:
Stella Jones Salmon Arm
Federated Cooperatives Ltd. Canoe
Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd Lumby, Westbank
Louisiana Pacific Canada Ltd. Malakwa
Selkirk Timber Company Galloway
SNTC-Splatsin First Nation Enderby
Tolko Industries Ltd. Armstrong
Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd. Okanagan Falls
Written comments  submitted and received by February 1, 2012, will be forwarded to the  MFLNRO, for consideration by the Region Executive Director Thompson-Okanagan Region  

Glen Dick RPF
Executive Director
Okanagan Innovative Forestry Society
Fax (250)542-8737
Email Glen Dick
Forestry Plan 2006
Forestry Plan Forestry Plan 2006 (87 pages, 757 k)
Appendix I IFPA Enabling Legislation
Appendix II Minister's Letter of July 2006
Appendix III IFPA Operating Area Map
Appendix IV Okanagan Organizational Structure
Appendix V OIFS Communication Strategy
Appendix VI Public Review Process

Appendix VII

Public Review Comments and Considerations

Appendix VIII Annual Workplan & Five Year Plan with Project Descriptions
Appendix IX Employment Forecasts Associated with IFPA activities
Appendix X Monitoring Plan
Appendix XI Inventory Gaps Identified by the Chief Forester
Appendix XII Inventory Information Gathering Methodology
Forestry Plan
Project Summary (April 2002)
"Forestry Plan 2002 ", Okanagan Innovative Forestry Society,Approved March 19,2002 pp
"Forestry Plan Approved August 8th, 2002", Okanagan Innovative Forestry Society, August 8, 2002 pp
Forestry Plan Amendment
Project Summary (February 2003)
"Forestry Plan Amendment Referral letter to Ministry of Forests" (February 5, 2003) 4 pp.
"Application for an Allowable Annual Cut Increase for the Okanagan IFPAs: Forestry Plan Amendment". Draft Version , Okanagan Innovative Forestry Society, January 31, 2003 46 pp.

The Forestry Plan identifies the issues, strategic direction and the program activities being proposed by the Society. The Forestry Plan amendment and its appendices are available to view or download in .pdf format.

The Society submitted its first Forestry Plan on behalf of its member Forest Licensees and the Ministry of Forests BC Timber Sales Branch in the Okanagan TSA that was subsequently approved on March 19th, 2002 by the Regional Manager, Kamloops Forest Region. A minor amendment to the Forestry Plan annually and the forexstry plan is approve to April 6, 2007.

Consistent with Section 59.1, the "Application for an AAC Increase for the Okanagan IFPAs : Amendment to the Forestry Plan" (January 31, 2003) will be available for review and comment, and input is requested from Government, First Nations, public and interest groups. The Forestry plan will be available for viewing, for a 60 days period, commencing February 12, and ending April 14th , 2003 during regular business hours at the offices of member companies and the BC Timber Sales Branch in the Penticton, Vernon and Salmon Arm.

Previous Forestry Plan
Forestry Plan Amendment Public Advertisement
Forestry Plan Amendment Forestry Plan (48 pages, 604 k)for public review and comment, January 31, 2003
Appendix I IFPA TSA and Society Background - OIFS Share Agreement (2 pages, 37 k)
Appendix II Non - Renewable Forest Licenses Correspondence(2 pages, 964 k)
Appendix III First Nations Correspondence (14 pages, 136 k)
Appendix IV IMS Strategy (4 pages, 1,254 k)
Appendix V Summary of Growth & Yield Projects (Table of Contents)
  Site Index Adjustment for the Wet-Belt Portion of the Okanagan TSA - Final Report (6 pages, 60 k)
  Application of SIA in Timber Supply Analysis (2 pages, 465 k)
  Uncertainty and Risk in SIBEC Estimates (6 pages, 30 k)
  Documentation of SIBEC Application in the Current Timber Supply Analysis (7 pages, 78 k)
  Okanagan TSA Dry-Belt / SIBEC Final Report (69 pages, 1,146 k)
  Okanagan TSA VRI Ground Sampling and Statistical Adjustment (27 pages, 621 k)
  Okanagan TSA Vegetation Resources Inventory: Further Analysis Report (23 pages, 140 k)
  Re-adjustment of the Okanagan IFPA VRI (3 pages, 113 k)
  Okanagan IFPA - Natural Stand Yield Table Adjustment Options (4 pages, 101 k)
  Okanagan IFPA - VRI Adjustment Options (3 pages, 25 k)
  Impact of Assessing VRI Plots inside the THLB (2 pages, 14 k)
  Operational Adjustment Factor 1 Evaluation in the Okanagan TSA (25 pages, 848 k)
  Evaluation of Net Downs for Roads, Trails, and Landings in the Okanagan TSA (34 pages, 914 k)
Appendix VI Okanagan IFPA Uplift Analysis Information Package (47 pages, 2,148 k)
  Okanagan IFPA Uplift Analysis Report (52 pages, 1,313 k)

Appendix VII

Public Review (3 pages, 40 k)

Appendix VIII Okanagan IFPA Uplift Analysis Summary (38 pages, 2.19 MB)


All information is available in pdf format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available at the following link.

Forestry Plan Approved August 8, 2002

Forestry Plan

Forestry Plan (Plan with appendices, 182 pages) 14.9 Mb
Forestry Plan Forestry Plan (no appendices, 26 pages) 971 Kb
  Satellite Image of Okanagan TSA (September 2001)
Appendix I IFPA Enabling Legislation
Appendix II Okanagan TSA Tenure/Operating Area Map
Appendix III OIFS Structure
Appendix IV OIFS Communication Strategy
Appendix V Forestry Plan Advertising
Appendix VI Forestry Plan Public Review Comments and Considerations

Appendix VII

Monitoring Plan

Appendix VIII Okanagan IFPA Annual Workplan and Five Year Plan
Appendix IX

Forestry Plan / SFM Plan
Deer Winter Range Habitat Inventory
Pine Marten Habitat
Mountain Caribou Habitat Inventory
ESAs - Evaluate Designation and Accuracy of Ep
Evaluation of Operability Adjustment Factor 1
Evaluation of Roads, Trails and Landings
Predictive Ecosystem Mapping / SIBEC
Timber Supply and GIS Analysis
AAC Uplift Application
Forest Health Planning
IT - Photos
Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification Refinement
Site Index Adjustment including Elevational Model
Vegetation Resources Inventory Phase 2 and NVAF
WQT - Water Quality
Data Management Systems
Genetically Improved Seed
Other projects as identified


Appendix X Employment Forecasts Associated With IFPA Activities
Appendix XI Timber Supply Analysis Data Package for the Okanagan Shuswap LRMP Base Case Timber Supply
Appendix XII Timber Supply Analysis - Okanagan Shuswap LRMP Base Case Results
Appendix XIII Inventory Gaps Identified by Chief Forester
Appendix XIV Inventory Information Gathering Methodology
Appendix XV Inventory Information for the Okanagan TSA
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Forestry Plan Approved March 19, 2002
All information is available in pdf format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available at the following link.
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