Reasons You Shouldn’t visit Poker Forums

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The Internet is magic, right? Not only you can play poker online but you can also learn about this game. There are many gamblers who are blogging and making videos to guide all of us and we really appreciate it. But there is one platform which is not the best one and that is the forum. We know that many people would not agree to that as forums allow us to become a part of the big conversation, ask our questions and get knowledge by reading other posts. But when it comes to poker, things can get a little different.

Many people, especially newcomers, spend a lot of time on poker forums. But ends up realizing those forums are of no good use and are just wasting your time. There are actually many ways through which you can spend your time if you want to make your gambling game strong. We are about to tell you three main reasons why poker forums are not the best idea to build your poker career.

Questionable or Bad Advice

Most of the players who are known to be the finest ones spend a lot of their time playing poker and working hard on their game. They are not actually wasting their time on a forum, posting questions and reading answers. This is enough to tell you that forums are not as effective as they might sound like. Obviously, training can not defeat online forums. We are denying, sometimes you can find good strategy online but mostly the advice is questionable or simply bad (sorry for serving the reality).

If you are finding something on the internet that is telling you that about many poker strategies that can help you win, simply leave that website as there is rarely a technique that can help you in every situation. We see many forums that are filled with techniques of playing and not even one of them is beneficial in any way but it takes an experienced mind to figure that out. A common suggestion is to raise when you are having pocket aces in Texas Holdem.

This one is good advice but this doesn’t go with every situation as there are some instances where you are not supposed to raid with them. This was only an example but it shows how there is not even one strategy that can help you forever. We are not saying that every player on the forum is immature but it might happen that a newcomer just tries a strategy and it worked for that situation on the basis of what he just posted. Well, his intention was not bad but it was a matter of lack of knowledge.

The problem with forums is that once you will see that a user has posted a lot of posts, you will end up believing that he knows a lot. But usually, it is not like that. This simply means that the user spends a lot of time on the forum and tries to show he knows a lot, be it with good intention or bad. The truth is that one can not know about the poker game as gambling is all about chances. All you can know about it, are the rules. We agree you would want to follow a piece of advice that you read on the forum and sounds practical and convincing enough but trust us, don’t do it without research as it can cost you way too much. You can utilize that information on the trial mode of online poker to see if it works or not. If you are thinking about where you should verify it then the best source is the books.

There are many different books on poker that are written by gambling legends and experts and those are the finest sources. You can find these books online also but if you don’t want to buy them there is only one way to check if the information provided was good or not and that is by implying it on trial mode. This is the best feature of online gambling as you can gain some real and practical experience rather than wasting your time on the forums reading about false information. So the best thing to do if you want to get more information is to skip forums and rely on more trusted sources like books and trusted websites. Obviously nothing can beat the free trial mode.

Poor Time Management

We mentioned how forums are the best place to visit if you want to waste your time and actually do nothing. Which shows that time management is the key to success. You can use your time in a better way and that is by using it to find more trusted and reliable sources. Something like a good poker book or good gambling blogger so that you can start to concentrate on better information which is actually helpful and can bring some good luck to you. Reading books actually kicks out the possibility of getting confused between the sources.

There is so much information on the internet that you can dive into its ocean and still won’t find the right piece of knowledge for hours. Whereas books by trusted gamblers can literally save you hours. You will not only save your time in finding sources but you will also save time in finding out the right information that you need from those sources. Time management is very important as it gives you more time to practice which can help you to win.

These were some of the reasons why you should not visit poker forums. There are many gambling games online that you would like to play like football gambling. If you would like to know about it then find some good books that can help you. Just like online books you can find online casinos. Some trusted websites like are known to provide the best playing experience of judi bola online. Now when you know, go ahead and enjoy.

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